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I was looking for an outstanding gift for a major event (10th wedding anniversary). I asked Eloïse to advice me.
Her willingness, listening skills and commitment exceeded my expectations.

Manfred Van L

I wanted to invite a client in the best restaurant in Lyon.
Marc managed to book a table for us despite the 3 months waiting list !
I now recommend CONCIERGERING to my friends and family.

Cyril L

Our usual Babysitter was on vacation, so we last minute asked Maya to find us a trusted Nanny with solid references. Exceptional service and very professional.
Try CONCIERGERING and you'll love it!

Daya F

Ana organized the most amazing bachelor party in just 2 days.
A Golden Concierge to contact without hesitation.
How did we do before CONCIERGERING?

Julie D

As a Concierge in a luxury hotel, I've always dreamt of sharing my local knowledge with as many people as possible and to make them benefit from my network and my advice.
My dream came true and I can now generate a complementary income on my free time thanks to CONCIERGERING
Bravo !!!

Freddy H

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« Et puis il y a ceux que l’on croise, que l’on connait à peine, qui vous disent un mot, une phrase, vous accordent une minute, une demi-heure et changent le cours de votre vie. »

Victor Hugo

    Concierge services offered with humanity are so much more magical ! At CONCIERGERING all our concierges are experts, and specialised in luxury customer services. They're Palace or Hotel Concierges, Private Concierges, experts in Tourism, Luxury and Services. This is why your concierge will make you save your precious time and offer you an outstanding experience.


    Because you are unique, the services and benefits our concierges recommend you, are all tailor made to your requests and budget. Your concierge will first gather all your wishes and will then share with you his most incredible and secret locations... Thanks to CONCIERGERING, you can now afford asking for an outstanding personal assistant service.


    It has been far too long since the concierge services have been reserved to a minority. Thanks to our unique and innovative collaborative platform, everyone has now access to concierge services, with no commitment or subscription, 7/24. Welcome to the future of concierge services !

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